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Body Piercing

Florida Department of Health - Highlands County

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Body piercing, a form of body art, is the act of penetrating the skin to make, generally permanent in nature, a hole, mark, or scar. It does not include the use of a mechanized, pre-sterilized ear-piercing system that penetrates the outer perimeter or lobe of the ear, or both.

In 1999, the Florida Legislature passed section 381.0075, Florida Statutes (F.S.) , providing guidance for operation of the body-piercing industry. Chapter 64E-19, Florida Administrative Code [F.A.C.] contains the rules that were written to implement the statute.

In response to the public's concern with the spread of infectious disease, the Legislature enacted an addition to the public health law, placing regulatory safeguards upon body piercing and tattoo establishments. The law recognizes the possible health risks in this popular and invasive procedure, and makes it illegal for persons to perform body piercing without proper training in hygiene and sanitary procedures. Those who only pierce the outer ear perimeter and ear lobes are excluded from this regulation.

We urge those in the community interested in having pierced body ornamentation to check for the Health Department permit and training certification at the establishment. Permits are required to be posted in a prominent place, and certificates must be shown on demand.

For more information, call 863-382-7219.